ABOUT Roberts Marketing

Kate Veinot

Digital Marketing Manager

Heather Roberts

Marketing Project Manager

Connie Roberts

Marketing Consultant

The company is owned and operated by Connie Roberts, a communications and advertising professional with more than 25 years in media, marketing and project management.

The team includes two outstanding critical thinkers and planners:
Kate Veinot and Heather Roberts.

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Working with a large bank of Professional Associates, suppliers and vendors means you get a custom-built marketing team that’s the perfect fit. Add our certification as a Google Partner and you can feel assured your business is on top of the latest advertising trends.

Not every project requires the same scope of services or the same expertise. By really knowing and working closely with our associates we have access to the best talent who will contribute the most to your project. It’s about matching your needs with the right services.

Our vendor relationships are built on honesty, integrity and proven customer service. We deal with the best. This relationship-building extends to media outlets and as a result Roberts Marketing is often given preferred customer discounts and volume pricing which is passed on directly to you.

Smart Web Pros Inc.

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Smart Web Pros Inc. provides website development and hosting services for our clients. When we come up with concepts and designs for websites they work with us to bring them online. They help us ensure we provide our clients with a top-level user experience.

Olio Digital Labs

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Brendan Farr-Gaynor and Owain Johnson help us with complex digital solutions for our clients. Web and database integration such as API-driven eCommerce platforms require thorough and detailed project management and that’s what they provide. They are also our neighbours.

House of DG

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House of DG is a boutique design studio featuring the talents of Johnny Del Guercio. Johnny never neglects the importance of good strategy and execution while creating amazing designs. As a bonus, the studio is just up the street from us so we benefit from collaborative & productive face to face meetings.

Mark Spowart Photography

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Mark Spowart is a skilled photographer who also brings a writer’s eye to each project. He provides us and our clients with professional images but he can also interview and craft a story, to ensure our clients are always putting their best foot forward.