ABOUT Roberts Marketing

communicating-banner-wThere was a time when advertising was a matter of whoever spent the most money gained the largest market share. Today that’s no longer true, and may never be again. Yes, a healthy advertising budget will take you further than a meager one, but in this highly saturated media world, you have to engage your customer.

Social Media – Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest et al are time-consuming endeavors and can appear frivolous when a business is focused on productivity, sales, customer service and administration. But it isn’t a waste of time or resources, social media is important to earning trust and future customers. The key is knowing how much to say, when to say it, and to whom. The goal is to get people to ask questions, reach out to you, talk about your business to their friends:  this is what social media helps you do.

Media Partnerships – Often overlooked as a tool for increasing your brand awareness and making campaigns and sales promotions stand out, partnering with a media outlet can make your advertising more effective and increase your Return On Investment/ROI. Radio, television and print have all embraced the internet and often have some of the best used, and most liked, websites in the community. Radio especially encourages their talent to be consistently active on social media in order to engage their listeners when the radio isn’t on. Working with the promotions departments of various media outlets, Roberts Marketing has created interesting, fun, exciting and well-received contests and cross-promotions that take regular advertising up a notch by tapping into the relationship the media companies have with their listeners/viewers/readers. The customer is no longer passively receiving an advertisement, instead they are actively engaging in a feel-good scenario with your company attached to it.

Content Marketing – This is the term commonly used for the stuff you put on your website. Make sure you have content that teaches, illuminates, entices, inspires, attracts visitors to your website and keeps them there. Anything on your site that solves someone’s problem, answers their questions or makes you the authority in your field accomplishes two things. First, you are seen as professional and trustworthy. Second, search engines will also see you this way and will show your website above others resulting in positive Search Engine Optimization/SEO. That’s a double whammy!

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