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Google Business Listings  Get on top of Pre-Site Branding

It’s time to take the role of “stocking” your online store as seriously as you do your bricks-and-mortar operation.


We all know that social media platforms enhance your company’s profile and increase market share. The common ones are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. But you may have been ignoring a very powerful social media platform: Google Business Listings.

Google rules the world of online searches so it only makes sense that you give them as much information about your business as you can. When you do, your Google Business Listing can act as a mini-website – and it will be your businesses’ best friend. (And not just any friend, the popular friend. The one who gets invited to all the parties and stays for days at a time at other peoples’ Muskoka cottages.)

This is what we call Pre-Site Branding. Google does an amazing job of helping businesses get found online and as a result many customers are visiting and calling them through Google Business search listings, without ever getting as far as the business website.

It’s time to update your Google listing and ensure you create regular posts, add new photos and ask your customers to leave all-important Google Reviews. Do these things and you will see a sizable uptick in customer contacts.

Of course if you don’t have time – we can help.