The misconception is online advertising – or digital marketing – costs a fortune. It doesn’t. In fact, it’s usually less expensive than traditional media

Online Advertising, Digital Marketing: “Try it” package just $500

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For Just $500 You Can Explore Online Advertising – Carefully & Strategically

Learn how easy and effective digital advertising can be. It’s not as complicated or as convoluted as some people would like you to believe.

You have likely already encountered mega-media companies scrambling to replace lost revenue from decreasing sales of phone-book and newspaper ads. They now want to sell you online products and call them digital solutions. Unfortunately most companies are overcharging for these products and services, locking businesses into long-term contracts, and taking as much as 50% of  your campaign budget to pay middlemen. 

Take Charge of Your Online Advertising & Digital Marketing

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  • We take a look at your website and your social media (if you use it) and check out your online competitors
  • The best platform is chosen for your campaign (such as Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • Ads are created that make your business or organization stand out
  • We keep an eye on how the ads are running and will make adjustments to ensure they are doing their best
  • You get a report at the end of the campaign that we can go over together

Package Includes: Campaign Strategy, Implementation, Monitoring, and Report, as well as Placement Costs on one digital platform such as Google Search

People of All Ages turn to their phones, tablets and computers to find what they need. 

Which means if your business isn’t advertising online, it isn’t talking to your digital customers – young, or old or in-between.

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Do you want to advertise on search engines such as Google and Bing? We can help.

Is your business talking to consumers on the biggest social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Pinterest? The thing is, some of these are right for your business and some aren’t. We can help you find the best fit and use them to your advantage.

Is your website mobile-friendly? In other words does it look good on your phone? It should, and we can show you why.


Interested in running your own Online Marketing? No problem! We can get you rolling then help you take the wheel.
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