Roberts Marketing Tackles Multiple Projects in Several Target Markets with Varying Audience Scope

Some Past & Current Projects

Renewable Energy Project

Create, maintain and manage a public relations, media relations and marketing campaign for a foreign- and locally-owned wind energy project in Central Ontario; requiring diligence, attention to detail and managing the interpretation of sensitive issues. Services included: ongoing project updates for web, radio and print communications; media relations; community relations; project participant communications. The project is fully operational and successful. SCOPE: International, Regional & Local


Increase market share in the automotive aftermarket; help grow a network of 25 dealers; organize and manage a dealer conference and assist with dealer advertising at the local consumer level. Create custom strategies for individual markets while also creating and maintaining a corporate website. Production of a series of six videos to enhance corporate website and incorporate into a multi-location Digital Marketing program. SCOPE: Local, Provincial


Work within an initial five-year marketing strategy to create all advertising and communications assets: including produced television commercials, radio spots, print ads, transit ads, social media and mobile-responsive website. The plan was successful and today the clinic regularly books clients as much as a year in advance. As a result, advertising costs have dropped dramatically allowing Social Media, Online Advertising and ongoing website enhancements to continue to ensure the success of the clinic. SCOPE: Local

CANADIAN Service Organization

Engage national public interest and media interest in Rotary Canada’s 100th anniversary celebration: building a new school in Afghanistan. Leading a team of 10 people through a detailed two-year communications strategy that reached out to Canadian students from grades 4 through 12. Creating a 20-minute documentary film, bi-lingual classroom kits with educational materials and a professionally-produced theme song. SCOPE: National, International & Regional

Business Association

Connect with and secure television and radio news media attention in multiple Ontario markets simultaneously to increase public awareness of automobile recycling. Coach and assist local spokespeople with media interviews and provide background information and b-roll video to media outlets to ensure coverage on local television stations. SCOPE: Provincial

Retail – Home Improvements

Strategize and maximize the advertising investment of a hard surface counter top company to ensure the best value for their annual advertising budget with measurable results. Create compelling advertising campaigns that set them apart from their competition while ensuring their leadership in their market segment. Strong web content combined with videos and social media ensure their marketing budget has the right mix of new media and traditional media. Digital Marketing and Social Media are being used to grow the business year-over-year while reducing overall advertising costs. SCOPE: Regional & Local


Assist with the re-branding and integration of annual marketing strategies aimed at gaining market share for a group of seven family-owned flooring stores. The owners work cohesively and cooperatively to penetrate larger markets in their central market areas stretching along the Highway 401 corridor. Implementing Online Advertising and strategic use of Social Media, we are helping this company expand their reach into a younger demographic and gain market share overall. SCOPE: Regional & Local


Re-brand two separate retail operations with a new joint retail branding position, establishing their new centralized location. Strategies included radio commercials, outdoor media, social media and forging community relationships. Project assistance extended to recommending interior paint colours, window treatments and seasonal promotions, as well as gathering customer reviews. SCOPE: Local


When you sit down with Roberts Marketing we will gladly share additional details about our areas of expertise, while at all times protecting the confidentiality and proprietary interests of our clients.

In order to ensure our advertising, branding and marketing strategies are always to the benefit of our clients, Roberts Marketing will not take on more than one client in any market segment. This category exclusivity is important to our clients and assures them we don’t roll out template strategies: each client receives customized plans and handling.

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