Communicating or Communications – is the foundation for every aspect of marketing and public relations. Communicate well and you can market well. Not surprising, as it’s also the basis for how humans share and receive ideas, thoughts, dreams, fears, passions. It’s at the heart of everything we do.

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From local feature spotlights on new businesses to national media coverage we know first-hand how News Directors and Editors approach a story and what gets their attention.

We build relationships with editors and reporters to ensure accurate and balanced reporting. We create tantalizing local angles that ensure targeted coverage that reaches your audience. Contact us so we can show you examples of our work.


Are you sending your staff, executives, and board of directors a consistent message about your organization? Your Corporate Culture can inspire your team and get them to take ownership of tasks and deadlines. These are your brand ambassadors and people who can really care about working with you. Having good people on your team helps you find more good people.

At Roberts Marketing we help you take that first step: a look in the corporate mirror. Then we help you with a strategy to elevate your team and your business.


Specialized Audiences – like teens who want to affect social change or women suffering from a specific medical condition – require messaging that cuts through the clutter of ad-speak and says something they want, or need, to hear.

Online social networking sites have become the fastest and broadest word-of-mouth referral system in communications history; spanning time zones, continents, demographics and ideologies in seconds. Social Media and discussion threads like Reddit give people a soapbox like no other and the result is a public with the ability to access information in seconds.

Roberts Marketing helps you navigate the internet and stay in front of your people.


Making a company accountable to the public is the first step in good public relations. At Roberts Marketing we focus on helping your organization build trust and relationships.

It’s not one big thing, it’s a lot of little things: your slogan, your logo, your images and ad copy, the conversations and public reviews. In other words, the face or voice you put on every advertisement, every page of your website, the responses you leave your Google reviewers – even your voice mail message. PR is social proof, or the community side of Branding.

Communicating – List of Services:

Audio, Video & Multi-media Presentations

News Releases & Media Relations

Media Events & Interviews

Media Prep & Training

Newspaper & Magazine Queries – print & digital

Document Composition & Editing

Newsletters & Communiqués

Online Information Sharing Solutions

Project Management